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Ceremonial cocoa - health properties

Ceremonial cocoa affects the body both on a spiritual and physical level, so it's impossible to forget about its health properties. Raw cocoa paste contains valuable vitamins and minerals, in particular magnesium, calcium and iron. Cocoa is rich in antioxidants, it stimulates blood circulation, and thus improves the flow of energy in the body. Regular consumption of cocoa has a calming effect, improves concentration and gently stimulates action.

What are the benefits of celebrating ceremonial cocoa?

Ceremonial cocoa is a very good way to introduce into your life a kind of ritual of contact with yourself. Therefore, the greatest benefit of drinking cocoa is precisely the opportunity to look inside yourself, to seek and to regularly go on a beautiful adventure that becomes even more interesting with time. The regular use of ceremonial cocoa has many benefits, such as:

-restores natural peace,
-helps to free yourself from blockages and dissolve negative emotions,
-has a cleansing effect in the energy sense,
-stimulates creativity,
-helps restore the state of unconditional love and forgiveness,
-supports the state of meditation.



All types of cacao come from organic farming. 


Ceremonial cocoa and the spiritual space

Mother Earth's miraculous gift is that in plants and minerals she hid everything that is needed for human development, not only physically, but also spiritually. It is in nature that we find valuable properties that nourish the body and nourish the soul. Ceremonial cocoa affects both of these aspects. As for the spiritual properties of ceremonial cocoa, its operation is closely related to the space of the heart. This space is an extraordinary generator of pure love energy. When not blocked, it can be a flawless compass of intuition. It is in the space of the heart that there are many answers to the questions that we often ask ourselves. There is also the whole truth about us and who we are. Most often, as a result of various types of burdens and traumas, this space is blocked, therefore, in order to be able to take full advantage of all the salaries with which we come into the world, it is worth taking a job that will help in cleaning the heart field.

Cocoa ceremony

In order to fully understand the qualities of ceremonial cocoa in a spiritual context, it is worth paying attention to the meaning of the word ceremony. It means a ritual in which specific activities are performed, closely related to each other and bringing a specific effect. For this reason, the cocoa ceremony involves not only the act of drinking the aromatic drink itself, but also the attitude, intentions and perceptions that come to light during the ceremony. These intentions are endowed with the participation of the senses and the properties of ceremonial cocoa, which significantly enhances the creation process.


What is the cocoa ceremony?

The cocoa ceremony can be performed both in a group and independently. This means that it can be performed whenever we feel the need. Drinking ceremonial cocoa on a regular basis is good for your health and spirit, so you can make it your own, exceptionally aromatic ritual of restoring peace to the heart space. Such a ceremony can be combined with meditation, listening to relaxing music or being in the bosom of nature. Cocoa paste, or more specifically a drink prepared on its basis, will also support you beautifully when creating your own affirmations and intentions.


Ceremonial and regular cocoa

Cocoa powder available in stores is usually highly processed, and often also contains various types of additives. The very fact that the beans are highly processed makes them lose their value. Therefore, if you want to enjoy intense taste sensations and take full advantage of all the properties that a given plant has to offer, it is worth choosing products that are not processed at all or their processing has been limited only to the necessary processes. Ceremonial cocoa from Ecuador, Peru, Ghana is a raw, organic product with no additives. Mostly from very small family plantations. As a result, cocoa retains its valuable health and taste properties.



How to make ceremonial cocoa?

Ceremonial cocoa from Ecuador has a solid form, resembling cubes of dark chocolate. Cocoa dissolves very well. However, remember that the selected milk or water should be slightly cooled before adding cocoa so as not to lose the valuable properties of the plant. It is worth using plant-based milk to make ceremonial cocoa. The cocoa drink can be sweetened, preferably with natural sweeteners.


What should you remember when organizing a cocoa ceremony at home?

The key to enjoying all the benefits of real cocoa is to create a convenient space for the ceremony. For this reason, it is worth finding a quiet place where it will be possible to meditate, listen to music, create affirmations, of course according to individual preferences. A calm devotion to the taste delights of drinking ceremonial cocoa will strengthen what we focus on at the moment. In order for the effects of cocoa to be noticeable, it is worth introducing this activity to your everyday life and making it a kind of ritual. The mere declaration of devoting time to yourself is very important in working with the space of the heart. Feeling grateful to Mother Earth and the people thanks to whom we can enjoy the taste and celebration of ceremonial cocoa at a given moment is an extremely important element of the entire ritual. It is also worth taking care of the right mood, so natural candles, incense and relaxing music can be very helpful in the whole process of building a relationship with yourself as part of the universe.



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