Rapé Kuntanawa Nixpu

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Rapé Kuntanawa Nixpu

Intensity: Strong
Main properties:
 Strengthening, cleaning, warming up

Tribe: Kuntanawa  
Size: 3g, 6g, 18g(3x6g), 48g(8x6g), 50g



We provide the freshest Rapé straight from the rainforest.  

Nixpu is the native name of the local pepper variety Piper Hispidinervum in Brazil. The plant is used as a natural remedy for indigestion and strengthening. Nixpu has strong warming properties and this effect can be expected from this mix. Long pepper varieties are also used in spiritual traditions for herbal baths and other treatments to cleanse the aura.



- strengthens physically

- warms up the body

- cleanses the aura in spiritual treatments


Nixpu can be helpful for people feeling cold, weakened, pale, cold-limbed.


Due to its hot and violent nature, it is not a good mix for people with a sensation of heat in the body, inflammation, heart problems, hyperactivity.


Kuntanawa Tribe 



Like Nukini, the Kuntanawa tribe was almost extinct because of the latex cycle murder. One family second after the rubber boom and only from the beginning of 2000. The small group Kuntanawa began to demand its core inheritance. Well, their culture is still exposed, while Kuntanawa are still fighting to regain full ethnic recognition and try to rewind their surface. Now there are only 250 members in the Acre region in Brazil. To survive, Kuntanawa combines with other tribes of Pano tribes and organizes festivals, sharing traditions, rituals and culture with foreign tourists. It is the tribe's probation that closely interacts with the ritual use of Ayahuasca to educate and lead them. Kuntanawa even believes that Ayahuasca will discover his ancient knowledge and will repeat his lost custom. However, their language is published forever lost.



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This natural product is offered for its historical and ethnographic value and is supplied without any expressed or presumed fitness for a particular purpose. It is simply a raw botanical specimen or a scientific sample. The information provided is intended for historical, scientific and educational purposes only and should not be construed as a recommendation for a specific application. The use and application of our product is in the decision, responsibility and risk of the customer.  

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