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Rapé Yawanawa Cocoa

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 Rapé Yawanawa Cocoa

Intensity: Strong
Main properties:
Love, consciousness, energy 
Strong impact zone
Heart chakra 
Tribe: Yawanawa  
Size: 3g, 6g, 18g(3x6g), 48g(8x6g), 50g


We provide the freshest Rapé straight from the rainforest. 

Rapé Yawanawa Cocoa is considered to be one of the most potent mixtures recommended for the most experienced enthusiasts. The blend has been discovered by the Yawanawa tribe when they added together a wide range of strong and unique components. This one-of-a-kind mixture has been based on the powerful mapacho tobacco. The shamans added a few other ingredients to make this Rapé an unforgettable experience. You will find  Tsunu ashes, Parika ashes and ceremonial cocoa in a unique blend.

Rapé Yawanawa Cocoa is a very strong mix. Hence, it should be used only by experienced users. It cleanses the energy, providing positive flows and invokes serenity within the mind and soul. This blend works amazingly well for supporting the consciousness, making its users more alert to the outside world. Finally, it creates a world full of love and compassion, where you can cut off all negative emotions and energies.

The uniqueness of the Rapé Yawanawa Cocoa blend comes from the use of ceremonial cocoa. This is the purest form of the sacred plant that increases many positive aspects about the body and the soul. Unconditional love and happiness can be easily approached with the use of this wonderful Rapé.


Yawanawa Tribe

Yawanawa is a small tribe with 1300 figures, living in little towns longitudinally of the Gregorio River. They are known as swordsmen as they fight all the time, even in hard times. At one point their tribe somehow died out and only 300 members survived. Today their tribe has grown, while their morals and knowledge have been preserved in an extremely tight manner. Yawanawa was the first tribe that initiated a woman to become a shaman, constituting a huge illustration in the history of sorcerers. In their language, Rapé is called Rume. Yawanawa will fall in love with mixing Rume with Tsunu ash and mapacho, which is giving this special mixture of an extremely sophisticated palate. In addition, Tsunu is used more closely for healing and has support during the Ayahuasca ceremony. 




This natural product is offered for its historical and ethnographic value and is supplied without any expressed or presumed fitness for a particular purpose. It is simply a raw botanical specimen or a scientific sample. The information provided is intended for historical, scientific and educational purposes only and should not be construed as a recommendation for a specific application. The use and application of our product is in the decision, responsibility and risk of the customer. 


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