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Sananga is a valued sacred medicine among the indigenous peoples of the Amazon. The Indians have been using it for hundreds or even thousands of years. Currently, this product is also gaining popularity in Europe, and with its greater availability, we know more beneficial actions. Sananga in the form of eye drops is increasingly used to help heal eye diseases. Is it really possible? What are the features of this sacred Indian medicine? The following article will answer these and other questions about Sananga.


Eye diseases

The organ of sight is one of the most important in the human body. Unfortunately, it is prone to a number of diseases that negatively affect the quality of the sense of sight. Among them, acquired diseases appear more and more often, but with which they can be fought. Consider glaucoma and cataracts, and then consider whether Sananga is able to effectively support the treatment of these conditions.



Glaucoma is actually a group of eye and eye diseases that negatively affect the optic nerve. Keeping this nerve in good condition is essential for correct vision. Damage most often results from too high pressure in the eye.
Glaucoma is one of the leading causes of vision loss or deterioration in people over the age of 60. While it can also affect younger people, and because the condition is asymptomatic, it is often ignored. Therefore, it is important to take preventive action at an early stage of visual impairment.
Applying Sananga to eye problems caused by glaucoma may help. Eye drops sharpen and improve the quality of vision, so they can be used as a reliever measure. Before using them, however, it is worth consulting a doctor.



In turn, cataracts contribute to the clouding of the normally transparent lens of the eye. People suffering from cataracts complain of blurry vision, similar to looking through foggy or frosted glass. Such cloudy eyesight can cause difficulties in reading, driving, and even recognizing your friends' faces.
Most cases of cataracts develop slowly and gradually, and the initial stage is not too much of a problem. However, as the disease progresses, the quality of the sense of sight deteriorates significantly. Sometimes better lighting and glasses are enough, but over time doctors will recommend cataract surgery.
Sananga proves to be helpful in reducing the inflammation accompanying cataracts. It is caused by protein build-up on the lens of the eye, which may be related to genetics or aging. Eye drops can be an effective support in the fight against the undesirable effects of cataracts. However, also in this case, it is worth consulting a doctor in advance.


What is Sananga?

Sananga eye drops are made from the roots and bark of tropical plants that grow along the rivers of the Amazon in South America. The most common species is the shrub Tabernaemontana undulata, the elements of which are first rubbed into a fine powder and then added as an ingredient of the eye-drip.
This powerful type of sacred medicine has a very wide range of uses because shamans used Sananga for healing purposes. As part of energetic rituals and ceremonies, this product was intended to have a positive effect on the body, but also the soul.
The salutary properties of the eye drops have supported and still support the treatment of physical and spiritual ailments. Sananga is used to purify the mind and energy and obtain a completely new form of perception and outlook on the surrounding world.


Is Sananga safe?

Sananga eye drops are a plant product, natural and hygienically prepared. For years, it has been appreciated in the world for its beneficial health-promoting effects. Based on scientific research, it can be safely stated that the use of Sananga is completely safe.
At this point, however, it is worth adding that the application of Sananga eye drops itself is not the most pleasant. During contact with the eyeball, the feeling of irritation, burning or even pain occurs most often. Deep breathing and focusing on positive intentions should help you combat the unpleasant effects of Sananga.
So be prepared that Sananga can cause unpleasant experiences. To ensure your sacred medicine is of the highest quality, always buy it from a trusted retailer such as
Unpleasant side effects pass within a few, a maximum of several minutes, so there is no fear of their long-lasting effect. If you wear contact lenses, you should take them off during the application, and then you should not wear them for the next 24 hours. Always instill only one drop in each eye, because Sananga has an intense effect and this dose is sufficient.


Tips for the application of Sananga drops

To enjoy the best effects of Sananga eye drops, you should:

-Prepare for the rituals by relaxing and relaxing,

-Perform breathing exercises to normalize energy and pulse,

-Think about the intention that will guide you during the application,

-Get comfortable or sit in Turkish,

-Optional: ask a second person for help in applying the drops,

-Blinking your eyelids after administering the drops to spread Sanaga over the entire eyeball,

-Breathe deeply to minimize pain and burning in your eye,

-Undergo meditation as soon as the unpleasant effects of the application pass,


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