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Ceremonial Cocoa from Ecuador

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Ceremonial Cocoa from Ecuador

country of origin: Ecuador
100% organic, raw, BIO, no GMO, no dyes, no preservatives.

Store in a dry and dark place.




Ceremonial cocoa from Ecuador

Thanks to specially selected cocoa beans, Ecuadorian cocoa is the perfect choice for a daily drink, thanks to which you will improve your physical and mental health. The taste of this cocoa is very intense, expressive and multi-layered, thanks to which each consumption is a unique experience and separation from mundane matters.
It is perfect for meditation and personal development, which is why it is so often used before various ceremonies.

It is rich in minerals such as iron, zinc, copper, calcium or magnesium, which are necessary for the proper functioning of the body, but in the diet of most people, they are deficient, hence numerous diseases.
Thanks to these properties, cocoa helps to normalize blood circulation in the body and improves its flow to the brain, resulting in greater mental performance and health for the heart, which is a key organ in the human body.

Ceremonial cocoa also has a strong anti-stress and anti-depressant effect, which is why it will be perfect after a stressful or nervous day, helping to relax and removing negative emotions and thoughts from our head, while improving our well-being. This plant also opens awareness and improves the work of the mind, which is why it is valued by many as a tool for meditation, for thousands of years, when it was used for contact with deities, by the Maya and Aztecs, therefore the cocoa tree is considered a sacred plant that in ancient times she was much appreciated.

Such numerous and positive properties of ceremonial cocoa make it an ideal drink and it is worth introducing it into your daily diet because:

- It will work as a coffee substitute, providing energy for many hours,

- Improves the work of the heart,

- Provides essential minerals for the body,

- It works anti-stress and calms down,

- It is a strong aphrodisiac

- And above all, it allows you to deepen your awareness and reach the depths of your own soul.



Difference between regular cocoa and ceremonial cocoa?

Unfortunately, the cocoa that we can get in stores is processed many times, and often even has numerous additives, which makes its unique properties disappear and is therefore not as valuable as it could be. Ceremonial cocoa is a type of cocoa paste that comes from carefully selected cocoa beans, which is not processed in any way, does not contain GMOs, dyes and preservatives. Such cocoa is thicker, slightly fatter and definitely more expressive and character. The taste is much deeper and breaks down into more degrees, so that each consumption of such cocoa is associated with great pleasure and it will certainly be hard to forget about it.


For whom?

As the name suggests, ceremonial cocoa is first and foremost a great option for people trying to look inside themselves. Drinking such a drink before meditation will help to clear your mind with theobromine, allow you to focus on meditation and relax you. Cocoa is a great option to ground yourself and your soul as well as bring you into spiritual balance, which is why it is used by many people in all kinds of ceremonies.

However, drinking cocoa does not only affect the spiritual sphere, because it is also beneficial for our body. With its help, we are able to balance circulation, which is due to, among others, Flavanols, which are also responsible for improving memory, so if you are struggling with any of these problems, think about implementing ceremonial cocoa into your daily diet. Moreover, it is rich in iron, protein, magnesium, calcium, and copper; Thus, the ingredients that we usually have problems with supplying, because they are found in trace amounts in the diet of most people, and additional supplementation is necessary, which we can provide by consuming cocoa.

One of its biggest advantages is also improving the mood, which can be disturbed by numerous situations during the day, and a cup of good cocoa can sometimes calm our body from the inside, introducing harmony and balance.


To sum up, ceremonial cocoa is not only delicious, but above all has health properties, and its regular use will improve our physical and spiritual health, bringing peace and balance, which is extremely necessary to make the right decisions in life. It will be perfect for long winter evenings, but also for breakfast, giving you energy for several hours.




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