Obelisk - Quartz

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Obelisk - Quartz

The unique appearance and structure ensure the amazing uniqueness of the mineral. 

weight: 1130g
dimensions: 80x70x50mm

Chemical formula: SiO2
The crystallographic system: trigonal
Mohs hardness: 7
Density: 2.65 g / cm³

Its name comes from the Greek word "krystallos" and means "ice". The Greeks believed that it is a crystal of ice supernaturally frozen and sent down by the gods to the earth. The mountain crystal, because it is referred to, is also called the Stone of Power with the strongest cleansing action - of the body, mind, spirit and the room.

Since the Middle Ages, crystal balls made of rock crystal have been used to predict the future, combat black magic, communicate with ghosts in other worlds, and conduct diagnostic treatment.

The mountain crystal is the most perfect healing stone. It can be used to solve all health problems of both physical and mental nature. Science confirms that our cell salts, adipose tissue, lymph, blood, and nervous system have a similar structure.

The mountain crystal stimulates the immune system and brings it to balance. It works great in healing burns and has a beneficial effect on internal organs, especially kidneys and sexual organs. It is also successfully used in the treatment of thyroid diseases. The treatment consists of applying the crystal to the will several times a day. Before the treatment, first clean the stone under running cold water and then charge in the sun.

In addition to the comprehensive therapeutic use, it should be remembered that:

is a strong source of energy and should be treated with caution;
strengthens the action of all other stones that will be in its vicinity or are used with it.
The mountain crystal is associated mainly with the seventh chakra, the so-called Crown chakra. However, it has a beneficial effect on all chakras, introduces harmony and facilitates the flow of energy to help in relaxation. Removes blockages, brings clarity of mind, strengthens energy and aura. It opens our energy centers to the flow of healing light.

The mountain crystal has a perfect vibration and it is very easy to program it, even with the help of any affirmation. From that moment he starts working on the realization of the goal for which he has been programmed. The effects of this work may appear faster than we think.


It is a stone thanks to which we can gain access to ancient wisdom and successfully apply it in the present world. It is a very good stone for astral travel, demonstrations, divination, channeling, lucid dreaming and work on the realization of dreams. It supports spiritual development and clairvoyance.

Working and meditating with this crystal, through its radiant, joyful nature, we connect with all aspects of our self. We feel the crystal purity of mind, which makes us look at the world around us completely differently. Suddenly, all difficulties disappear and the energy blockages are dissolved. The mountain crystal lifts us to the level of vibration of happiness and fulfillment at all levels of being. Thanks to him, judgments and expectations disappear. Peace, joy, and harmony appear.

It also has the ability to dissolve karma (remnants of traumas, views or diseases from previous incarnations that are hidden in the etheric body and can cause imbalance or disease in the current incarnation). It improves mental abilities and directs to the spiritual goal for which we have been chosen. It increases the ability to concentrate, gives rise to optimism and faith in one's own abilities. Through this life makes sense, because we gain awareness of what is happening in and around us. Thanks to the purifying energy of the mountain crystal, we can live in harmony with ourselves, other people and nature.

It's good to carry it with you and also use it indoors - especially with televisions, computers, and microwaves because it works like a re-radiator.

Let us add that mountain crystal occurs all over the world, most often in Brazil and the USA.  


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