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Sananga has been used by the indigenous people of Peru and Brazil for thousands of years. Interestingly, the inhabitants of tropical forests use these drops mainly for hunting.
As in the case of Kambo, applying Sananga diametrically increases the sensitivity of the senses, mainly the sense of sight. The colors become clearer and every movement in the thicket does not go unnoticed.
Some say that Sananga changes the colors of animals, making it easier for hunters to see it. It can be said that Sananga is a natural strengthening of the human body that activates our true capabilities.

Sananga is perfect for those seeking a balance between body, spirit and the natural world. The action of Sananga drops is truly extremely versatile, but it is worth remembering that when using the benefits and the power of nature, it is important to have a spiritual intention and respect the power of the plant's spirit. Sananga has strong properties and should be used in moderation. But if you are looking for peace, healing, have many different ailments that traditional medicine cannot deal with, Sananga drops may be a great choice for you.




Katukina Sananga 10ml Katukina Sananga 10ml
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Kaxinawa Sananga Kaxinawa Sananga
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Kuntanawa Sananga 10ml Kuntanawa Sananga 10ml
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Nukini Sananga Forte Nukini Sananga Forte
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What is Sananga?

Although drops made from a variety of plants are common throughout the Amazon, Sananga technically refers to a remedy obtained from plants of the toina family. Sananga eye drops are traditionally used not only to remove eye problems, but also to remove negative spiritual energies and even as a vision enhancer during psychedelic ceremonies. Amazon hunters and warriors use Sananga to sharpen their eyesight and improve visual acuity and perception.

The first person to report about the use of Sananga by the Matis tribe was Scott Wallece of National Geographic. Thanks to him, it is known that this plant has been used by the indigenous people of Peru and Brazil for thousands of years. Sananga is known by several names, each tribe defined it differently.
Sananga eye drops are made from the roots and bark of the Tabernaemontana undulata or Tabernaemontana sananho tree. Both plants grow in Brazil and other South American countries. The extract of this plant has a slightly milky appearance.

Harvesting and storing Sananga

If Sananga is obtained from freshly harvested leaves, the juice is squeezed out within 20-30 seconds for immediate and maximum use. Sananga is also obtained from the root, which allows the substance to stay fresh for longer without the use of preservatives. Due to the fact that Sananga's ingredients break down quickly, it is best to keep it in the refrigerator where it will stay fresh for about 6 months.

Medical uses of Sananga

Despite the fact that Sananga is known for its effects on vision, this medicine is considered a universal remedy for many diseases. In the treatment of skin diseases, e.g. in the form of compresses, it speeds up wound healing and is also effective in the case of snake bites. It suppresses the appetite, soothes dental problems, and is effective in the treatment of rheumatism, sinusitis and chronic headaches. The herbal preparation has anti-cancer, antipyretic, anti-tuberculosis, antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties.

In addition, Sananga drops are also used to treat a wide variety of vision problems such as nearsightedness or disturbances in the depth and color of the images seen. This medicine is indicated for people with severe eye conditions such as glaucoma and cataracts.


Sananga's effects

The application of Sananga drops is not pleasant. There is a strong burning and stinging sensation in the eyes. These effects last for a few minutes, but can be mitigated by focusing on the breath and visualizing creatively. Pain removes blocked energies and causes deep healing. In addition, vomiting and an overactive bowel can sometimes occur, which is another sign of removing blocked energies and psychosomatic problems.

You should fully immerse yourself in the medicine and relax as much as possible. After 5-15 minutes, the effects slowly wear off, but the subtle effects may last for several days. This powerful natural medicine is used to heal physical and mental suffering, clear the mind of negative thoughts, and provide a whole new way of perceiving and concentrating. Sananga releases blockages, finds their source, and leads to full balance, increased concentration, and peace of mind.


Healing ritual with Sananga

Sananga's pure and strong spirit supports deep cleansing on an emotional, physical and spiritual level. In addition, Sananga drops will broaden spiritual perception and awareness and improve the ability to distinguish the intentions of other people. Sananga also enhances visions, which is helpful for visualization and clairvoyance. Since these drops have such a great influence on visualization, they are also commonly used before or during ayahuasca ceremonies to increase spiritual insight.


Active ingredients of Sananga

Sananga contains many different alkaloids, some of which may be highly antibiotic. Sananga has been suggested to contain powerful active ingredients. Only some of the several dozen plants from the toina family contain these substances. Some may only have analgesic or sedative properties.

There are some differences in the plants used to produce Sananga: The Matsés tribes use Tabernaemontana undulata roots, while the Kaxinawá tribes use Kunakipa (Tabernaemontana sananho) roots. These two roots are known to greatly improve eyesight, which is very important for a successful hunt.


Sananga dosing

You should feel comfortable during the session with Sananga, it is best to lie down comfortably during the ritual. It is recommended to find a quiet and peaceful place, be it in nature or at home, in a calm atmosphere and with soft, meditative music. To keep your balance, it is important to instill your eyes directly one after the other. It is very helpful to have an accompanying person to assist you during the application. Don't wait with the second drop as it needs to be applied immediately to directly balance the energy of both eyes. Then close your eyes for a while and blink your eyelids so that the medicine is well distributed.

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