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White Sage - Salvia Apiana BIG

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White sage BIG bunch - Salvia Apiana

8"-9" in length

1.5" - 2" wide

Sage comes from the clean areas of North America



Sage cleanses us from what is bad, it can also speed up the action of what is good.

Her mystical nature has a healing effect.

A literal bath in her smoke washes away the dirt of our soul, expels the creatures feeding on us, the energy vampires and removes all kinds of hooks.



What's more, it loads the house, furniture, paintings and all kinds of other objects with a positive energy of calmness and purity.

White Sage is the energy of female care and love.

The plant has its own character and of course we can interact with it in all kinds of interactions.

It's enough to clean up, do the right thing, what we're going to say next.

Sage stimulates us to spiritual development.

By taking advantage of the peace of mind which he prays, we begin to understand better both what surrounds us and, of course, ourselves.

Sage also improves circulation in our veins, making us feel lighter and relaxed.

Salvia can be smoked like ordinary incense, however, using appropriate, let's call it tricks, we enter a better integration with its power, because we are ourselves a part of this power.

Cleansing the room, we stand with our back to the front door.

Then, depending on whether we want to drive away or propel certain events, we celebrate the entire room 7 times.

If we invoke good and happiness, we circle the room clockwise, if we drive away evil and darkness - on the contrary.

Seven is the number of miracles and happiness, not without reason is said "I am in the seventh heaven".

We remember about visualization and intentions.



Before we start, we calm the mind and we pronounce in the mind or head exactly what we want, eg with the words: "I am cleaning this room with ..." "I am loading this house ...".

When we make seven laps, we stand in the exact place where we started, and with gratitude to the plant we finish the ritual.

When infiltrating yourself or others, remember the visualization of the chakras.

Let the imagination merge with reality and look at ourselves as beautiful, energetic beings.

Each of the chakras is cleaned by a whirling motion rotating left or right - the dependence is the same as cleaning the rooms.

We can also clean individual parts of the body.

We determine the appropriate intention, for example :, I clean my eyes to see beauty better. "

The same with your ears, heart and every other part.

Let's look at the behavior of the plant while smoking.

If sage smolders without a problem, it means that the intention in which it is used is introduced smoothly.

However, when the sage disappears every now and then, it shows us that we will also have to work with it ourselves.

As we can see, integration with the spiritual world, magic, or simply our entire universe is not so difficult and advanced.

Virtually everyone can grow sage at home, and the ritual itself is not complicated.

As always, the most important element is we ourselves, where our approach and intentions are like a request for a plant, and if the request is beautiful and honest, just as the sage itself is beautiful, the results will be so beautiful.

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